The biggest mistake pregnant women make is to believe the crazy notion that they don't need a birth plan.

real birth plan, not a generic checklist.

I'll help you design a customized kick-ass birth plan so you can enjoy your pregnancy and birth your way.

Without a plan, you're at the mercy of a broken healthcare system - and when that happens it opens up the floodgates for things you never wanted - such as:

  • an uncomfortable labor that is nearly impossible to endure
  • Drugs and medications you don't want
  • an unplanned c-section...
  • and much more.

Which leaves you in a state of anxiety and fear - is that really the best state to be in when going into labor?


All The Tools You Need To Design a Kick-Ass Birth Plan!


By the end of this program, you will have…


  • A clear vision of your birth plan goals.

    We'll delve into the important aspects of your plan and be sure to find a way to include them.
  • Defined the role your doctor or midwife will play in your birth plan.

    You'll learn how to be proactive in communicating what you want from your healthcare providers.
  • Learn what role facility culture can play in your birth experience.

    Hospital, birth center, home... each has a culture of care. You'll discover what they are and how to manage those forces.
  • An understanding of the different roles the doctors, midwives, resident physicians, nurses, doulas, coaches fill and how to choose which of these should be on YOUR birth team.

    Can you get by with the skeleton staff your hospital provides? Do you need to have a private nurse, doula or coach?
  • Learned about pivots and adjustments as that may be necessary as your birth experience evolves.

    Things may change - but if you're prepared for the possibilities you can confidently advocate for yourself and your baby.


The three spheres in the plan (providers, facilities, and you) all have their own ideas of what birth "should" be like. There is NO communication between the three regarding birth plan specifics. You're essentially a victim of the healthcare system.


Using the BIRTH BY DESIGN METHOD™, all parties have a clear understanding of your preference and how they can help meet those needs - through collaborative team communications and education on evolving situations that arise.

Would a pilot fly a plane without a plan and safety checks?


There are flight plans, mechanical checks, safety protocols, emergency procedures, educating the passengers on seat belts, flotation devices, oxygen use and more! Pivots and workarounds for unexpected situations - hurricanes, tornadoes, other planes off track.. and so much more!

I want to make sure you and your baby have a safe landing, too.


So let me ask you...why would you go into pregnancy and childbirth, the most important event in your life, without a birth plan?

If you’re choosing to go into one of the most important events of your life without a plan, I have to wonder if what you’re really thinking is… I don’t really care what happens to me or my baby. 

And I know that’s not the truth.

You need a viable plan that includes pivots and adjustments as the birthing process evolves – and to become an enlightened mama who can advocate for herself and be a proactive consumer of the healthcare system.


A One-Time Payment of



When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


(A $3000 value)

  • Six modules.

    Six modules and associated lessons released over six weeks.

  • Weekly live Q & A sessions.

    I'll answer all your questions and clear up any confusion every week.

  • A customized kick-ass birth plan.

    A clear plan that covers everything from pregnancy through childbirth, and an understanding of how the pieces fit together.

  • Access to the recordings and course materials (lifetime access).

    Reference material is available all through your pregnancy (and the next!).

  • The confidence to be a proactive advocate for your healthcare needs.

    Both the caring and empathetic presence you want to guide you through a stress-free experience and the medically-experienced support you need to confidently take part in your healthcare.

  • Pop up Facebook Group for six weeks of support and community.

    Because what applies to one, applies to many. Get discussion and a friendly group of like-minded women to share your journey.


I'll share the behind-the-scenes, dirty little secrets that are only known by nurses with over thirty years in the trenches. 

Yup, you heard that right. SHOCKING approaches to patient care - and you're none the wiser...until I spill my guts.


Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

  • BIRTH BY DESIGN METHOD™ - A $3000 value
  •  BONUS - An extra live Q & A  week 7- Value $550

Total Value: $3550

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

A One-Time Payment of



100% BACK FOR 365 DAYS

I'm confident you'll get tremendous value and benefit from the BIRTH BY DESIGN METHOD™ -  so confident that I'm able to offer this guarantee. 

If you don't believe the same here's all you have to do:

Send me all the worksheets, plans, and checklists, completed, with the reason you weren't satisfied.

Your risk is zero - nothing to lose - and your rewards are great if you stick with the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What mamas-to-be ask before signing up for BIRTH BY DESIGN™

Still thinking about it?


The truth is, every expecting mother who took the time to create a birth plan had a successful birth.

Successful and healthy births come from mothers who take the time to create a birth plan…because it is that plan that gives you more control of what happens.

You become proactive, not reactive, and most importantly, you have peace of mind knowing you did everything possible to have a happy, healthy outcome for you and your baby.


See what these new moms have to say about working with me!*

(*Pictures omitted and names were changed to protect the women's privacy.)


"I remember when I was pregnant with my first - everyone had an opinion "you should do this...", "you should do that"... And I wish I had a coach like you to help me curb the peanut gallery then and make my own decisions with confidence."


"I just wanted to let you know I had my baby. Labor & delivery didn't quite go as expected. However, even with some unexpected events it was still a very happy and positive experience. And I largely attribute that to you helping me feel so prepared. So THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"


"I got answers to questions I didn't even know to ask! I learned things nobody else would tell me! The information out there is so confusing. Thanks to Patricia, I was able to have the birth plan I wanted."

Almost due? Don't have six weeks left?

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  • Program - six weeks
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  • Live Q & A weekly
  • Pop up FB group
  • Lifetime access to recordings
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  • Includes Birth by Design
  • Small group coaching
  • Limit 20 per cohort
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  • Program length - eight weeks
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  • Private
  • Exclusive
  • Seven hours 1:1 to be used when you decide
  • Call length per session as you need it
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